I was recently challenged to write a blog post…one of cornerstone content.
It sounded daunting…so many things ran through my mind…so many directions this could go.  As I ran through my list of ideas, I kept asking–what exactly is “cornerstone content?”

  • basic, essential, most important part, foundation, beginning
  • a stone that forms the base of a building, uniting 2 masonry walls at an intersection
  • a stone representing the nominal starting place
  • something that is essential, indispensable or basic
  • the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed
  • an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based

At it’s origin, the cornerstone was the first stone laid at a construction site. Since all other stones are laid in reference to this one, the cornerstone actually determines the entire structure. That’s one significant stone!

Over time, cornerstones have taken on a more ceremonial status.  With inscriptions of important dates and people on them, they are prominently displayed outside buildings. Sometimes they even surround time-capsules containing significant items from the culture & time of the building’s construction for future generations to discover.

As foretold by prophets of old, Jesus has proven to be the cornerstone of the church rejected by many.  He is a stumbling block to these, but a precious, sure foundation to those who believe.

As I write all this, I am reminded of a powerful story that ties it all together–the story of the wise & foolish builders. One builds a house on solid rock, the other on sand…then the rains and storms beat upon the homes…

          “The House Built on the Rock” by Rebecca Brogan http://jtbarts.com


This got me thinking:

  • What beliefs/foundations do I choose to build my house/life upon?
  • What is the reference point for all my decisions?
  • What do I want in my cornerstone time-capsule for others to discover?

Most of my life I thought I had these answers figured out.

The first time I questioned things was in 3rd grade when we were talking in school about how people get to Heaven. The answer of needing my good deeds to outweigh my not so good and bad deeds and to make sure I check off all the right boxes like belonging to the right church etc just didn’t add up. I asked others and learned about how Jesus forever tipped the scales in my favor by taking the punishment that was due me and all I had to do was accept His payment put my young mind at ease.

Then I left home for college and was introduced to many new people, ways of living and thinking. My worldview expanded and I asked questions I didn’t even know were out there. I was surrounded by people with the same foundation I had so the storms passed leaving me feeling even more secure and ready for adventure. This is the place I’ve stayed for over a decade…expanding my house on a solid foundation.

Then something wonderful happened…I met a guy. All those years of waiting had paid off! And then it all came to a screeching halt…and I began questioning my cornerstone. I began doubting that God had good things in store for me and that I could trust Him with my heart. With these waves pummeling my house I began reexamining my foundation and wondering why I had selected it and how I could be certain that it was real…

Stay tuned as I sift through these things in future posts.

What about you:

  • What is your cornerstone?
  • What would you want other’s to discover in a time capsule of your life?

If you’re willing, please share your responses below.