Here are some links that I find inspiring (I’ll keep adding from time to time). Sometimes that means beautiful places or art, thought provoking movies or books, youtube videos, websites, other blog posts etc. I hope you enjoy them, and please, if you know of something that the rest of of might find inspiring–please share it on this page. Thank you.

The Bible Project–what a talented group of people. They have changed the way I think about the Bible. Their animated and concise overviews of each book of the Bible help me understand so much better. There are other videos, resources and even a book now.

OM Artslink–a well established and multifaceted mission sending organization. They train, support and send out short and long term missionaries who are doctors, nurses, artists, singers, song writers, dancers, actors/actresses, athletes etc. This link is for the artists because before I connected with them I didn’t know how to use my artistic gifts for God’s glory. If you’re like me, this book, Art & the Bible, may be an encouragement too.

Outlaw Christian–this book was a breath of fresh air! I silently struggle with doubts and wonder what to say and how to listen to the hurting people that walk into my counseling office and my loved ones battling injustice etc. This book reminded me that it’s ok to doubt, lament and be angry at God…keep wrestling until you get to the truth.

Valerie Sjodin–I was introduced to her work after the Solar Eclipse (Aug 2017) and so enjoyed her style and thoughts I wanted to share her page with you. There are plenty of things here to be inspired by and she has online art journal classes too!

Pear and Ink–oh my goodness, this artist!! I love how free flowing her water color and ink work is! I’m absolutely inspired…to follow her on instagram and Pinterest, to buy some of her work, to keep making art and give these mediums a serious try.

Reminders of God’s promises are good reasons to stop the car and take a picture…