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A Book Review

  You know a book on marriage is bound to be of high quality when the forward is by Gary Thomas. After reading her first book “True Love Dates” and referring many people to it, and her blog by the... Continue Reading →


What can we do?

In the midst of celebrating athleticism, perseverance and unity came news of tragedy last month--a school shooting during the Olympics. Last year one was: in a wheel chair, in a bed with compound fractures, thinking of suicide, in the hospital for debilitating internal mysteries. One was born without 3 limbs, watched their closest friends blown to bits, was adopted, was told they'd never walk again due to a sudden illness, lost a parent...and now, some are Olympic athletes and champions while others have taken lives. The stories of redemption, overcoming the odds, dedicating their best efforts to those they still grieve are inspiring and we all stand to cheer the underdog winning! The stories of violence and lives lost make us hunker down, search for who is to blame and how to protect those we love...they leave us angry and defensive. What makes the difference?

A new year’s resolution for daily progress…

Are you like me? Do you look at your list of new year's resolutions and feel like you're in your own version of "Groundhog's Day"? Maybe you made good progress for a few months on a specific goal... Perhaps you... Continue Reading →

The Bible

I did it! I completed reading the whole Bible in 1 year with this Read Scripture app from The Bible Project. It was great to have it all on my phone, but the best part about it for me were... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year!

I'm working on a long post summarizing the whole Bible. A bit of a celebration for the completion of one of my 2017 goals. But today I wanted to hear from you. What do you want to celebrate about 2017?What... Continue Reading →


On my walk with the dogs tonight I was inspired by the sunset and ice stacked up on the shoreline. I kept trying to take pictures of it from different angles to show the sunset's reflection but nothing was working. ... Continue Reading →

World Religions–Let My People Think

This past Sunday there was a baptism at church. It was a memorable one complete with a cold drizzle at the lake, a proposal, and the life story of a 67 year old man. He was dressed in faded jeans... Continue Reading →

Lessons learned from today’s Solar Eclipse

I never intended to write this, but the thoughts are boiling over… For weeks people have been talking about this major astronomical event—a total solar eclipse visible from North America. People have paid huge amounts of money to camp in... Continue Reading →

How to say a good “Good-bye”

So many ways to say good-bye…many actually mean “until we meet again” and several double as both hello and good-bye. Some people refuse to speak the word, some say “parting is such sweet sorrow,” some cry, some have parties, some... Continue Reading →

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