in the Potter's Hand

searching for evidence of the Creator's hand

A light in the darkness.

Since I saw this image several years ago, I think of it often. There is something precious and profound, vulnerable and victorious in it. Little Lamb by Jenedy Paige The light of the word came. It came not as we... Continue Reading →

A different kind of Advent wreath

Do any of you ever feel hemmed in by certain traditions? Do you wonder why we keep doing them? Do they feel stiff and stale? Do they remind you of the story of the holiday ham? A woman who prepared... Continue Reading →

God heals…

There has this idea/sentiment/message out there expressed in differing degrees over the years that people who go to therapy or struggle with any kind of mental health issue (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, OCD, etc) don’t have enough faith. This implies... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Treasure!

Who would have thought that a week with multiple disappointments would make room for a treasure hunt?! For a year, two of my friends and I had been planning an epic trip to put our feet in all 5 of... Continue Reading →

Start at Home…

I'm sooo excited to introduce you to this inspiring artist, Lynn Colwell! She is living proof that pursuing what we love can bring about massive good around the world. Proof that all our efforts matter! Lynn Colwell She is a... Continue Reading →

Hope for hard, hurting hearts…

If you are thirsty, come here; there is water for all. Whoever is poor and penniless can still come and buy the food I sell. There’s no cost—here have some food, hearty & delicious, and beverages, pure & good. I... Continue Reading →

What do you see?

It is spring. The weather is warming and stay at home orders are lightening. Everyone is anxious to get outside. New life is springing up everywhere. Bird songs fill the air and spotted fawns poke out from the tree line.... Continue Reading →

Hope springs anew!

There are several things in my life right now that I'm bursting at the seams in frustration about. Wondering if things will ever change, if I'll ever get answers, if I'll ever get it right. Doubts about my purpose, place,... Continue Reading →

Pushing back the darkness…

“In closeness to Me, you are safe… you are energized…you belong. This is My way of living in the world–through you! Together we will push back the darkness…!” Sarah Young I originally wrote what follows on September 6, 2014, but... Continue Reading →

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