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Lessons learned from today’s Solar Eclipse

I never intended to write this, but the thoughts are boiling over… For weeks people have been talking about this major astronomical event—a total solar eclipse visible from North America. People have paid huge amounts of money to camp in... Continue Reading →


How to say a good “Good-bye”

So many ways to say good-bye…many actually mean “until we meet again” and several double as both hello and good-bye. Some people refuse to speak the word, some say “parting is such sweet sorrow,” some cry, some have parties, some... Continue Reading →

What’s your Cornerstone?

I was recently challenged to write a blog of cornerstone content.It sounded many things ran through my many directions this could go.  As I ran through my list of ideas, I kept asking--what exactly is "cornerstone content?"... Continue Reading →


Welcome, I’m so glad you decided to stop by.  I’d offer you some hot tea or coco, and some fresh bread with homemade strawberry jam but I don’t have the technological know-how to do that (when someone figures out how... Continue Reading →

My why…

Why do I want to blog? The simple answer—to work from home. To not have to tear myself away every day from what I care about most and feel called to do and go take my turn on the hamster... Continue Reading →

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