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searching for evidence of the Creator's hand

Capturing Priceless Moments

His hands…ten tiny fingers grasping at air for the very first time. Small and fragile, this just born child. This baby boy, swaddled in cloth, surrounded by the scent of hay, and the warmth of resting farm animals. The muted... Continue Reading →


Cultivating a Thankful Spirit

As we wind down from the Thanksgiving holiday and prepare for the Christmas season it's easy to get caught up in the hype...  To look at all we don't have and become depressed by our regrets, burdens, struggles, worries, and... Continue Reading →

How did it all start?

The featured image for this blogpost, Hands of Creation, was created by Evelyn Patrick.   I recently visited the Ark in Kentucky with my mom and a friend. It was impressive in scale and in artistic excellence! It also sparked some... Continue Reading →

The Entitlement Fix (an e-course review)

This post is in response to a Connected Families e-course I just completed and wanted to share with you. It was presented by Jim & Lynne Jackson, lasts just over 1 1/2 hours, has a printable workbook, and so many great... Continue Reading →

Adventure realized!

We did it! 10 women in 10 days hiked from Meiringen Switzerland to Domodossola Italy via the Sbrinz trail with smiles on our faces! 

What a trip. The part I thought would be easiest (meeting the group at the airport in Italy) proved to be the most trying. And the part I thought I'd nearly fail at (walking 10-15 miles in the mountains each day) turned out to be rejuvenating and inspiring.

A very important job…

“Train up a child in the way they should go and even in their old age, they will not depart from it…” Proverbs 22:6

What a huge task parents are entrusted with. 

It’s so hard to know where we’re headed ourselves most of the time isn’t it? Which job should you take? Which major is the best choice? Should you ask her out? Is he the one to say yes to? When is it time to move, speak-up, stay silent, wait or take action?

There are so many options in life it’s hard to know when you’re making the right choice. Which ones will lead to your dream life and which will lead to your worst nightmare?

Fear of making mistakes paralyzes us from taking actions that may seem so obvious to others.

Multiple times in my life, I’ve asked God why He couldn’t be more clear. Why couldn’t He speak louder or make some things more obvious. When He was “knitting me together in my mother’s womb” couldn’t He have just tattooed a few things on my feet so I’d know for certain which way to go?

Sometimes I’ll take the big jump and watch everything crash and burn around me.

Sometimes I stay put and feel like I’m stuck and drowning.

Sometimes it’s easy to know what to do and other times it’s so hard to tell if God is teaching patience and perseverance, or closing a door.

How do we discern these things for ourselves?

How do we teach our children to know the difference and hear God’s voice leading them?

Adventure awaits…

Oh my goodness, June slipped by so quickly! In the midst of trying to meet self-imposed deadlines for my book (Hope and Healing at Home) and working extra shifts to help friends and family fill employee gaps I've also been... Continue Reading →

Hope–it’s a big deal!

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick. But a longing (a dream or desire) fulfilled (come true at last) is a tree of life (and joy)!" Proverbs 13:12 When was the last time you felt crushed by a dream delayed or... Continue Reading →

Choosing Marriage–A Book Review

  You know a book on marriage is bound to be of high quality when the forward is by Gary Thomas. After reading her first book “True Love Dates” and referring many people to it, and her blog by the... Continue Reading →

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